Congressman Bill Pascrell

Representing the 9th District of NEW JERSEY


Sep 25, 2006 Op-Ed
Most Americans agree that New York City and Washington, D.C., are the leading contenders for a future terrorist attack.
Aug 11, 2006 Op-Ed

The Sept. 11 Commission issued a "report card" grading action on proposed security reforms. The grades were atrocious.  MOST AMERICANS take for granted that airline security issues have been fixed, and that terrorists no longer plan to target our aviation system.

Both assumptions are horribly wrong.

Jun 15, 2006 Op-Ed

There can be no doubt that New York City and Washington, D.C., are among the leading contenders for a future terrorist attack. Likewise, it is evident to most experts that al Qaeda maintains a fervent determination to carry out colossal assaults - the kind that are possible only in a small number of major U.S. cities.

Mar 10, 2006 Op-Ed

On Sept. 11, 2001, America was caught unguarded against the machinations of a ruthless terrorist organization. Only four years later, the Gulf Coast was devastated by nature's wrath when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita crashed our shores.

Jan 31, 2006 Op-Ed

The year 2005 exposed America's dangerous dependence on fossil fuel.  No sooner had the American public been shaken by the human devastation of hurricanes Katrina and Rita than they were forced to face the financial devastation of sudden and steep hikes in gas prices at the pump.  Fossil fuel prices climbed at record speeds in the summer of 2005, and they are climbing again this winter.  Consum

Oct 16, 2005 Op-Ed

Hurricane Katrina was more than a natural catastrophe. The painful images of Americans suffering, dying and calling desperately for help will forever be seared into our collective conscience.

Aug 14, 2005 Op-Ed

"If it were left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter" –Thomas Jefferson

Mar 17, 2005 Op-Ed

Some 5.3 million Americans live with disabilities caused by a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is a leading cause of death and disability among children and young adults. At least 1.4 million Americans suffer a TBI each year, which costs more than $56 billion. Falls, motor-vehicle crashes, sports injuries and violence are the major causes.

Mar 17, 2005 Op-Ed

By Kate Ackley - Roll Call Staff

Roll Call

The federal budget may be as tight as ever, but a collection of advocates is lobbying to squeeze extra money to help U.S. soldiers who have suffered brain injuries.

Jan 31, 2005 Op-Ed

As I travel throughout the twenty-one towns in the Eighth Congressional District, families of all shapes and sizes talk to me about our health care system. Whether the topic is ensuring that managed care companies cover core services and are accountable for their decisions, or advancing cutting-edge research to confront our most dreaded diseases, there is much we must do.

Jun 6, 2004 Op-Ed

Secret documents.  Back room deals. Intimidation.   Misinformation. Threats. Exclusion. Bribery.  Propaganda.  Lying.  Am I referring to the KGB?  The Chinese authorities?  Napoleon's France? A medieval court?  Imperial Rome? No.

Elements of a government scandal?  Maybe.

Nov 21, 2003 Op-Ed

In the movie "Thelma and Louise," Louise turns to Thelma and says, "You get what you settle for."  How right she was.

Jul 1, 2003 Op-Ed
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Jun 30, 2003 Op-Ed

It is fair to say that there is no greater task now facing our government than to protect and defend our cities and towns from those who would seek to do us harm.  If you have watched C-Span at all over the last two years, you will have noted a regular procession of Democrats and Republicans on both the House and Senate floors touting the urgency to further secure our nation.   After all, keepi

Jun 30, 2003 Op-Ed
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Mar 9, 2003 Op-Ed

Our troops had of course heard all about what was happening back home.  They had heard the news accounts coming over “Stars and Stripes” radio broadcasts, and naturally had questions for this group of Congressmen coming to visit them.  This was the scene at every military base.  As they were continuing to bravely conduct the war on terrorism in Central Asia, and as they prepared in the Middle E

Dec 30, 2002 Op-Ed

At kitchen tables from Clifton, New Jersey to Clifton Colorado, some harsh economic realities are carrying the day. Concerns range from job loss and rising debt to exploding health care costs and tax bills that keeps getting bigger.  Despite this, many in the nation's capitol, chief among them our President, seem totally oblivious.

Sep 6, 2002 Op-Ed

Millions of Medicare beneficiaries woke up this morning with no prescription drug coverage. Millions more are at imminent risk of losing the coverage they have. These are not just statistics.

Jun 11, 2002 Op-Ed

In announcing that the month of June would be the first ever National Homeownership Month, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mel Martinez said, "A healthy economy depends on a vigorous, growing housing sector, and ...housing continues to fuel the nation's economy,"

May 23, 2002 Op-Ed
I was dismayed to read your views (Give Bush trade powers, 5/21/02) regarding the President's request for fast track trade negotiating authority, particularly the notion that Congress should "get out of the way."