Congressman Bill Pascrell

Representing the 9th District of NEW JERSEY

Pascrell Lauds COPS Grant Program

Jun 18, 2003
Press Release

 Congressman states highly successful program has brought over $11 million dollars
into the 8th District alone since 1997--including1.65 million for Passaic City this month

WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ, 8th) today joined with members of the House Law Enforcement Caucus in the United States Capitol to discuss the success of the Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS) program.  The press conference was moderated by Court TV as a part of the station's "Keep America Safe" public service initiative.

"This is a model federal program.  The dollars go directly from the federal government to the local departments.  The money does not get filtered through layers and layers of government, losing a little bit of cash as it passes through each step," stated Pascrell, who has announced over $11 million dollars in COPS grants in the 8th Congressional District since 1997.  "The program gets results, as community policing has proven to be so effective in driving down crime in both our cities and our suburbs.

"I cannot believe the President has tried, on numerous occasions, to gut this highly successful program.  I hear the White House constantly tout its homeland security record, well Mr. President, cops in our communities are the foundation of homeland security.  Homeland security starts with hometown security and this program is designed to put officers in our hometowns, without burdening the local tax payer with the bill."

In his Fiscal Year 2003 Budget Blueprint, President Bush eliminated all funding for the COPS program.  Fortunately, congressional appropriators from both sides of the aisle strongly disagreed and authorized the program at $928 million.  In his Fiscal Year 2004 budget, the President has requested only $158 million for the COPS program, an 83 percent cut.

Since 1997, Pascrell as helped to secure over $11 million dollars in COPS grants for police departments in his congressional district.  Early this month, the City of Passaic received a $1.65 million grant, which Pascrell had been fighting vigorously for since the City applied.

The COPS program was created in 1994 as a part of President Clinton's signature crime bill-The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.  Since its inception the COPS program has been the driving force in assisting two-thirds of the nation's 18,000 law enforcement agencies in implementing a locally defined vision of community policing.  It has invested $9.6 billion for 35,500 direct grants to add officers to the nation's streets and schools, enhance crime fighting technology, support crime prevention initiatives, provide training and technical assistance, administer grant programs, and advance community policing.  It has funded more than 116,000 police officers and more than 6,000 school resource officers nationwide.

Here is a list of COPS Grants funding by town that Pascrell has worked to successfully secure since 1997:

Township of Belleville:  $793,257
Township of Bloomfield:  $225,000
Township of Cedar Grove:  $150,000
City of Clifton:    $600,000
County of Essex:    $144,192
Borough of Glen Ridge:   $34,065
Borough of Haledon:    $278,688
Township of Little Falls:   $125,000
Township of Montclair:  $637,195
North Haledon:   $180,750
Township of Nutley:   $175,000
City of Passaic:   $2,767,285
City of Paterson:   $3,247,320
Borough of Pompton Lakes:   $411,314
Borough of Prospect Park:     $300,144
Borough of Totowa:   $227,631
Township of Wayne:    $605,937
Borough of West Paterson:   $350,000