Congressman Bill Pascrell

Representing the 9th District of NEW JERSEY

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Sep 6, 2002 Op-Ed

Millions of Medicare beneficiaries woke up this morning with no prescription drug coverage. Millions more are at imminent risk of losing the coverage they have. These are not just statistics.

Jul 29, 2002 Press Release

Congressman one of key lawmakers the President targeted

Jul 2, 2002 Press Release

Army Corps of Engineers will spend $100,000 in  Pompton Lakes with support of Borough;
Congressman had requested solutions for long-standing problem

Jun 11, 2002 Op-Ed

In announcing that the month of June would be the first ever National Homeownership Month, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mel Martinez said, "A healthy economy depends on a vigorous, growing housing sector, and ...housing continues to fuel the nation's economy,"

May 23, 2002 Op-Ed
I was dismayed to read your views (Give Bush trade powers, 5/21/02) regarding the President's request for fast track trade negotiating authority, particularly the notion that Congress should "get out of the way."
May 21, 2002 Op-Ed

In the wake of the terror perpetrated against our nation on September 11, we have seen the very best of America on display.