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Floor Speeches

Health Care One Minute

Mr. PASCRELL. I have a quote from Republican Chief Justice Earl Warren, no longer with us. He said, Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others as socialism. He said it. It is a message to everybody in this House. The fearmongering that's gone on in the last 2 months does not bring us any closer to resolution.

   Look, private insurance companies are for-profit businesses. I can't blame them, you can't blame them for being in the business of denying access to needed care, avoiding and dumping the sick, and confusing consumers. They are, after all, driven by profits, not patients.

   I aim in my business, what I have to do here in the House is look out for my constituents, for the hard-working families in New Jersey that are being tossed aside so that insurance companies can maximize their profits. I support America's Affordable Health Choice Act because it creates a rational marketplace where Americans can find transparent information about their insurance options, guaranteeing coverage that won't discriminate based on health, gender, or job, and meaningful coverage that won't leave families laden with debt.


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