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Pascrell Vehemently Opposes Latest Republican Tax Scam

Washington, December 20, 2018 | Mark Greenbaum (1 (202) 225-5751)

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09), New Jersey’s only member of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, voted against House Republicans’ latest tax scam, the so-called “Retirement, Savings, and Other Tax Relief Act of 2018 and the Taxpayer First Act of 2018.”

“[T]his bill cherry-picks winners and losers, with many of the losers being in states like the state I live in – the state of New Jersey. This is again, let me repeat, Weekend at Bernie’s. They prop up the dead tax bill, make it look alive,” said Rep. Pascrell in remarks delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives. “That didn’t work – this will not work!”

A full clip of Rep. Pascrell’s floor remarks is available here.

Since Republicans first announced their tax scam legislation in 2017, Rep. Pascrell has been one of the bill’s most forceful opponents in the House. He led the fight against the SALT cap in the Ways and Means Committee and introduced several amendments to block its enactment, only to be thwarted by united Republicans. Rep. Pascrell has written several op-eds on the law, calling it “one of the most reckless pieces of legislation I’ve seen come across my desk in over 20 years in office,” and has worked to highlight the hypocrisy and lies Republicans have told about the tax scam. When House Republicans announced their intention to pass a second tax scam and make the SALT deduction caps permanent, Pascrell sounded the alarm on the catastrophic impact the legislation will have on Garden Staters and other Americans.

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