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Pascrell Votes to Lower Prescription Drug Pricing

Washington, May 8, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) lauded House passage of two bills that would improve transparency for prescription drugs.

H.R.1503, the Orange Book Transparency Act of 2019 would help to ensure that the FDA Orange Book, which lists approved prescription drugs, provides up-to-date information on brand drug and patent exclusivity. This change will making it easier for generic companies to carve out pathways for cheaper versions of drugs to come to market. Similarly, H.R.1520, the Purple Book Continuity Act of 2019, which also passed on Wednesday, would ensure that approved biological products are listed in the Purple Book in similar format as the Orange Book.

“The House is committed to lowering health care costs for the American people” said Rep. Pascrell. “Specifically, the spiraling cost of too many prescription drugs is an epidemic itself. As long as it is unaddressed, Americans in need of medication will continue to suffer. These measures pave the way for cheaper alternatives to come to market and are a step in the right direction. Affordable prescription drugs remains at the top of my priorities in Washington and I’m glad to see my House colleagues are with me in this endeavor.”

Despite Donald Trump’s empty promises to address prescription drug pricing, Rep. Pascrell is committed to effectuating real change for seniors and people living with rare diseases, cancers, and other maladies. Most recently, Pascrell blasted the Trump administration’s virtue signaling on the issue of drug pricing, stating “this administration's stock in trade is breaking promises,” and urged the then-Majority to confront the issue in a bipartisan manner.

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