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Pascrell Shares North Jersey Tax Refund and EIP Turmoil Stories

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09), the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight, today convened a hearing with testimony from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Charles Rettig. As the pandemic continues, countless Americans continue to wait for their tax refunds and Economic Impact Payments (EIPs). Members on both sides of the dais questioned the commissioner about complaints from taxpayers in their districts. After soliciting input from his constituents, Pascrell is sharing several stories from North Jersey residents in desperate need of EIP checks and tax refunds.

“The pandemic is crushing our nation and people in our communities are suffering,” said Chairman Pascrell. “Americans who need their tax refunds  and EIPs simply to survive are unable to obtain money they are owed by the IRS. We have repeatedly asked the IRS for answers and action and they have provided neither. These Americans have names and faces and they need help. I want today to share the stories of my constituents who are just some of the many people being devastated by the IRS’s failure.”

EIP and tax refund stories from New Jersey’s Ninth Congressional District

“I filed my 2019 amended tax return in May. I have a record of the IRS receiving it on May 4. The IRS online tools show no record of having received it. I have been unable to reach anyone at the IRS.  And then I learn from my Congressman’s office that the IRS says they cannot even get back to me until January 2021. I am owed a refund of $5, 519.”

-Sarah from Wood-Ridge


“I have not received my check. My goddaughter Stephanie has been helping me. Services like ‘Get My Money’ have not helped. I am 89 years old and do not file taxes. I selected the non-filer option on the IRS website and still no check.”

- Clara from Clifton


“I have been working and paying taxes since the age of 16. I was working full-time until I was laid off due to the pandemic. Although I filed my taxes properly for 2019, I have not received a single stimulus check or any of my unemployment benefits. When I use the IRS' website to check the status of my stimulus checks, it appears that there is no record of my existence. I would greatly appreciate any assistance with retrieving my stimulus checks and unemployment benefits that I am owed as a working citizen of the United States.

- Liam from Fort Lee


“I am a preschool special education teacher. I am in the middle of moving into an apartment, wedding planning, and attending graduate school. I never received my stimulus check and there is no information regarding mine when checking the status.”

- Elizabeth from Rutherford


“I have been told I am eligible but have not received anything. I checked the IRS website and entered the information they requested but all I receive is a ‘Payment Status Not Available’. I can't get any helpful information. I have been checking for the last several months.”

- Kate from Paterson


“I have not received my stimulus check. Every time I go to look up the ‘check my payment’ tool on the IRS site, it just tells me that ‘payment is not available, check again at a later date’. I already had gotten my tax refund back in March and I’m not sure why I’m not receiving my stimulus check.”

- Shaun from North Arlington


“My daughter has still not received her EIP yet. She filed her 2019 taxes and even received a refund, so the IRS has her info. She filed for the EIP online, and the IRS system said ‘No Information is available yet, and there’s no need to submit again.’ Please help.”

- Dean from East Rutherford


“My mom, age 86, a resident in a senior living community, did not receive her check. I have been unable to determine why she has not received it. Please help.”

- Maria from Hasbrouck Heights


“My husband and I were told that our checks were mailed May 22nd but we never received them. We called numerous times and no one had an answer.”

- Joan from Paterson


“I never received my stimulus check because I moved, and the records weren't updated to reflect it. I spoke to the IRS and they said they would let me know after 9 weeks, but it's already been closer to 13 perhaps.”

- Allison from Elmwood Park

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