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Pascrell Stands with the Cuban People Against Tyranny and Incompetence

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09), representing one of the nation’s most vibrant and diverse districts, today spoke in unequivocal support of the Cuban people protesting in the island nation against their tyrannical and incompetent government.

“The Cuban people are bravely standing up for the right to live healthy lives in freedom and human dignity. Americans stand with them in their struggle,” said Rep. Pascrell. “The Cuban people have the absolute right to peacefully protest the incompetence of the dictatorship. For generations, the Cuban nation has languished under the brutal thumb of a cruel police state. We are yet again seeing the tragic results of that government, as it fails to keep Cubans safe. We must support the Cuban people who have been abandoned by their government and demand to freely chart their course.”

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