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Pascrell Supports Budget Resolution

Fast action allows House to begin work on President Biden’s historic agenda for America

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today supported passage of the budget resolution. Because of the House’s action, Democrats can immediately begin assembling the multi-trillion jobs and families package that is central to President Biden’s historic agenda to rebuild America.

“The American people elected President Biden and a Democratic House and Senate to commence the hard task of rebuilding America. With today’s passage, we took a huge step toward passing the agenda Americans elected us to pursue,” said Rep. Pascrell. “The Ways and Means and other committees will now immediately roll up our sleeves and take up President Biden’s vision to rebuild America by making sure the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share. Our plan includes lifting up millions of American families by ensuring Americans have universal paid family and medical leave, expanding Medicare to cover dental, hearing and vision, and reducing the crippling costs of health care that bankrupt millions. I will redouble my own fight to repeal the sinister SALT cap Republicans cruelly imposed on blue states like New Jersey. I am hopeful that what we ultimately produce will tackle the climate crisis head on be among the most seminal legislation Congress has passed on behalf of unions and working Americans in generations.

“The Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill is a commendable achievement. I look forward to its eventual consideration in the House. But the delaying and grandstanding we saw this week was not helpful or productive. Ensuring we can advance the full measure of support for American families must take precedence. Congress can walk and chew gum at the same time and pass a package deal. An agenda to build back better for all Americans depends on it.”

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