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Pascrell Hammers Criminal Obstructionism by Republican Leader McCarthy

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today lambasted calls by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy urging the criminal obstruction of the House’s probe into the January 6 terrorist attack on the United States Capitol.

“Every day we enter new uncharted territory. Last night, the House Republican Leader openly threatened subpoenaed parties to undermine and impede the historic probe into January 6. His threats are treasonous. Moreover, this is cut-and-dried felony obstruction by Kevin McCarthy that the Justice Department would do well to look into,” said Rep. Pascrell, who was the first member of Congress to call for Republican members of Congress who tried to overturn the election to be excluded from Congress. “First Republicans fomented January 6 and now they are seeking to coverup what happened. This matter is life and death for Mr. McCarthy because he wants to hide just how many Republican members of Congress are guilty of the crimes of January 6. I again reiterate that any Republicans who have tried to overturn the presidential election are unfit for office and should be removed.

“I look forward to the committee hearing Kevin McCarthy’s testimony about what he knows about January 6, particularly the substance of his conversations with Donald Trump on that dark day. Led by Chairman Bennie Thompson, the Congress will get to the bottom of what happened. For present and posterity, we will expose the truth.”

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