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Pascrell Expresses Disgust at Paterson School Meal Scandal

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today expressed outrage at continuing reports of Paterson public school students being fed substandard meals.

“The cafeteria meals being fed to Paterson school children are completely unacceptable,” said Rep. Pascrell, a former public school teacher. “There can be no excuses when it comes to feeding our kids healthy meals. If this vendor is at fault, they need to get their act together now or be thrown out and then sued. School meal funding comes from the federal government and as far as I’m concerned these resources are being abused. Our office is in touch with the superintendent of Paterson Public School to work to resolve this problem, bring accountability, and feed our kids the nutritious meals they need to learn and grow. I am optimistic the district has a handle on the situation but none of us better hear or see more of these deficient meals. Mystery meat should not be served in schools.”

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