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Pascrell Embraces Over $439 Million in New North Jersey Capital Investment in Biden Budget

$100 million is expected for the Gateway Tunnel and over $339 million for Portal North Bridge

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) this afternoon celebrated the announcement by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) that President Biden’s newly-unveiled FY23 budget includes $100 million for the Gateway Tunnel Project that will help start constructing a new tunnel for the Northeast Corridor connecting New Jersey and Manhattan. The budget also includes a proposed total of $339,519,539 to continue Portal North Bridge construction work in Secaucus next year.

“No state or region in our great country relies on its bridges and tunnels more than New Jersey and the Tristate,” said Rep. Pascrell. “New Jersey and our region’s growth for the next generation depends on strengthening those avenues for travel and if we fail, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast can atrophy. All of us know completion of a new tunnel and bridge is absolutely essential to guaranteeing our future. Today’s Biden budget shows a farsightedness to our region’s destiny. This massive $100,000,000 down payment is another building block as we move closer to commencing work on the Gateway Tunnel. The over $339 million for the Portal North Bridge will continue to build on the work we’ve done to replace the existing 110 year old span over the Hackensack River. The spiteful decisions of Donald Trump and Chris Christie set us grievously back, but under President Biden and Governor Murphy we are moving forward again because leadership matters.”

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