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Pascrell Condemns Barbaric Russian War Crimes

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09), whose Ninth District of New Jersey encompasses one of the nation’s largest Ukrainian American communities, today condemned growing evidence of systemic war crimes by Russian forces against Ukrainians and Ukraine.

“The new images we are seeing from Bucha, Motyzhyn, and near Kiev are evidence of cold-blooded murder,” said Rep. Pascrell. “Innocent Ukrainian civilians have been butchered by soldiers in Vladimir Putin’s war machine. It appears Russian occupiers committed rape and homicide at the behest of Putin and Russian leaders. The barbarous violence we are witnessing isn’t from 1941 – it is happening right now in the year 2022. And this is only the beginning. Similar crimes by Russian troops are likely occurring on an unthinkable scale in other cities Russia has razed and looted.

“President Biden is right: Putin is a blood-drenched damned war criminal. In the future we cannot forget and Putin and Russia’s other leaders should be hauled before a tribunal for their crimes. But today, we must continue to provide Ukrainian forces with the resources needed to expel the Russian invaders. It has been weeks since the House voted overwhelmingly to sever trade with Russia and halt Russian energy imports, but McConnell Republicans are helping block these measures. It’s time for Senate Republicans to end the gamesmanship and support Ukraine. Our allies, our enemies, and the world are watching.”

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