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Pascrell Praises Supreme Court Ending Trump Tax Return Charade

“It has been 1,329 days since our committee sought Donald Trump’s tax returns – almost as long as the American Civil War,” said Chairman Pascrell. “And for 1,329 days, our request made under law has been delayed, obfuscated, and blocked by Donald Trump and his adjutants in the government and the courts. Our right to receive these documents is under a century-long statute and our wide Article I legislative and oversight powers. The Supreme Court is right to keep its nose out of this case. I have led this fight for over five long years because it is bigger than one man or one party. It is about accountability and fairness. I am sick thinking about all the taxpayer money that has been wasted. At long last the charade should today be over and we should get these documents transmitted to the desk of our committee chairman as soon as possible.”
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