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Pascrell Marks One Year Since Russia’s Illegal Invasion of Ukraine

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09), representing one of the largest Ukrainian American communities in the nation, today marked exactly one year since Russia illegally invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

“The last 365 days have been some of the most difficult and gruesome the world has seen since the Second World War,” said Rep. Pascrell. “Every day, Russians are murdering Ukrainian civilians and destroying Ukrainian cities. This is Russia’s war and Russia could end the war today if it abandoned the battlefield and left the neighbor it has illegally occupied. The barbarism of Russia and Russian soldiers is matched only by the courage of Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers, and Ukrainian civilians. Ukrainian courage has rallied the entire world in defense of Ukraine existence and world democracy.

“Every day I speak with our Ukrainian American neighbors. Their pain and devastation are palpable. The United States stands resolutely with Ukrainians. We were right to inflict tough sanctions on Russia and must continue to provide their brave fighters with whatever resources possible to help them reclaim their country and preserve their future. I pray that one year from today we are marking not a second year of war but the war’s end and commencement of Ukraine’s rebirth. May God bless Ukraine and the Ukrainian people!”

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