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Pascrell Condemns Reprehensible Remarks by Texas Governor

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today condemned a statement from Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott referring callously to the murder victims of another mass shooting as “illegal aliens.”

“Every day, leading Republican officials in America achieve new lows,” said Congressman Pascrell. “Referring to the murdered victims of another mass shooting in the way Greg Abbott did is callous, cruel, and wicked. All of us, each and every one of our neighbors is a human being who must be afforded dignity and respect. That fair-minded Americans, Democrats and Republicans both, reject open borders has no bearing on our ability to treat our fellow human beings.

“If Greg Abbott and other Republican leaders cared as much about ‘preserving life’ as they attest, they would stop blocking our efforts to ban assault weapons from the streets, guns like the AR-15 used in Texas over the weekend. Republican policies have turned our cities and towns into killing fields, and this Republican leader can’t even memorialize the victims with kindness. Governor Abbott adds insult to injury, even in death.”

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