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Pascrell Denounces Republican Impeachment Farce

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today castigated the announcement by the House Speaker directing House Republicans to open an impeachment inquiry based on no evidence against President Joe Biden.

“Today the United States is hurtling toward a total government shutdown and a farcical impeachment process because the Speaker does not have the spine or guts to do his job,” said Congressman Pascrell. “Under our Constitution, impeachment is a sacred process, reserved for the most serious cases. Republicans have turned it into one more crude political shiv. There is no evidence – zero – that would merit proceeding with impeachment. But, once again, we see that Republican degradation of our institutions is without limit.

“Nearly every House Republican voted to keep Donald Trump in office after he sought to attack Congress itself and violently overthrow American democracy. Now they want to impeach Joe Biden on nothing but cold vengeance. This is all happening because the House Republican leader will not to stand up to his extremist colleagues on any issue, imperiling the very foundations of America to keep a title. House Republicans are unfit to govern America and do not give a damn about the American people.”

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