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Federal Government Problem Solver

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Search for answers to your question or problem among the federal agency websites below. If you can't find the answer to your question, continue to Step 3 to initiate a casework request with Congressman Pascrell's office.

If you can't find the answer here, contact my office for help.

Agency Issues
Department of Defense Military Pay Scales, TRICARE Benefits, Enlistment Opportunities, Deployment Listings
Department of Education Student Loans, Financial Aid Applications
Federal Court System Judicial Branch Proceedings, Court Decisions
Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing Rules, Affordable Housing
Citizenship and Immigration Service Citizenship and Permanent Residency, Immigration Forms
Internal Revenue Service Tax Forms, Taxpayer Assistance
Department of Labor Family and Medical Leave Act, COBRA Coverage, Pensions
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Eligibility and Benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, Childrens Health Insurance
U.S. Postal Service Mail Delivery Problems, Postal Rates
Social Security Administration Social Security Eligibility and Benefits
Department of State Passports, Visas, Travel Warnings
Veterans Administration VA Hospitals and Facilities, Veterans Benefits
White House Presidential Directives, Homeland Security, Volunteer Opportunities General Federal Government Information

If you can't find the answer here, contact my office for help.

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