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Pascrell Responds to Chairman who Refuses to Request Trump Taxes

Today, U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) released the following statement following news that Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) declined to request President Trump's taxes for closed session review of potential conflicts of interest.

"I hoped and still hope that my friend Kevin Brady will put country over party. This isn’t a partisan issue. The precedent was set in 1974 when the Joint Committee on Taxation voted on a bipartisan basis to release President Nixon’s tax returns to the public," said Rep. Pascrell. "And just three years ago, Kevin Brady himself voted with committee Republicans to release confidential tax information of 51 taxpayers under this same provision. To minimize this request by calling it ‘rummaging’ is the height of chutzpah."

"The American people want to understand the full scope of the President’s business interests and be assured that he is not taking foreign emoluments as outlawed by our Constitution. I will not stop pressing this issue as long as the President's business interests continue to present potential conflicts for America," said Rep. Pascrell. "Our committee must respond by using its legal authority as Congress has in the past to provide proper oversight. This is Checks and Balances 101."

Link to Rep. Pascrell's Feb. 1 letter asking Chairman Brady to request ten years of President Trump's federal tax returns for closed session review.

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