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Armed Forces Services Center

If you are a reservist, a family member or friend of a reservist, or interested in joining the reserves, here are answers to your questions about health care plans, pay, pensions, and local reservist support groups.

Reservist Family Benefit Handbook

This booklet is designed to help when your loved one is away, whether serving in support of a military operation overseas, performing security or other duty in a local or regional location, or performing training at the local armory or reserve center. (supplied by Dept. of Defense)

Predeployment Guide: A Plan For Coping

Being separated from family and friends is never easy, but the Predeployment Guide provided here can make it a more bearable experience for you. (supplied by U.S. Air Force)

National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

Government organization promotes cooperation and understanding between Reservists and their civilian employers.

Office of the Secretary of Defense: Reserve Affairs

Includes helpful information for Reservists' families.

Mailing Tips for Troops in the Middle East

(Postal Service Guidelines) The Postal Service is no longer delivering mail to military personnel in the Middle East when addressed to "Any Service Member"

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