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Pascrell Calls for Impeachment Inquiry of Donald Trump

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today called for opening an impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump for his repeated assaults on the United States Constitution. His statement is below.

“Our Framers in their wisdom understood that our democratic experiment was a fragile enterprise. Their creation of a system of checks and balances was drawn to ensure no arm of our government would be superior to another. It was designed to protect our nation against individuals like the sitting President.

“The sitting President has disgraced his office and our nation beyond measure. The sitting President has corrupted our institutions for profit. The sitting President has used his tenure to divide our people and increase fear and hatred of our neighbors. The sitting President and his adjutants have evaded and obstructed legitimate attempts of oversight of their debasement, including over the current executive’s tax filings and financial entanglements. The sitting President’s crimes and obstruction of justice have not abated but accelerated because of failure to constrain him. It is only Congress that can finally hold him to account. We must do this by commencing impeachment hearings of the President.

“It should go without mention, but electoral considerations must mean nothing in this context. Our Founders did not anticipate an entire political party collectively putting its interests in power above the health and protection of American democracy. That is the burden of our time. But their dereliction, and possible Senate neglect, do not relieve the House of its responsibility.

“Thomas Jefferson reminded us that those who stand for nothing will fall for anything. I stand for democracy in the United States.”

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