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Pascrell Blames Heinous Pelosi Attack on Republican Big Lies

U.S. Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. today extended his sympathies to the family of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after a domestic terrorist broke into her home and assaulted her husband.

“I condemn the attempted murder of Paul Pelosi and pray with the Pelosi family for his recovery. Now is not a moment for timidity. Let’s be direct. Today’s violence seems to be the direct product of Big Lies from many Republicans and Republican propaganda organs about Democrats and American democracy,” said Rep. Pascrell. “This assassination attempt never should have happened. This guy has a background that shows he’s been moved, instigated, and influenced by those people who seek to divide us. Turn on rightwing media on any given day or night. You will see frothing hosts shrieking unspeakable lies and unfounded conspiracy theories about women, religious and ethnic minorities, city residents, young people, and scores of others Americans. That some are radicalized to commit unspeakable violence against their perceived enemies cannot be a surprise. This terrorism is growing and threatens every community in America.”

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