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Pascrell Condemns Misguided Layoffs by NJ Advance Media

Excoriates continued dismantling of local media by large corporations

U.S. Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today denounced the decision by NJ Advance Media to layoff several journalists, photographers, and other staff, including the company’s only correspondent covering New Jersey’s congressional delegation Jonathan Salant.

“This is absolutely devastating for our state which deserves a lot better. We’re a state with over nine million people for heaven’s sakes. What kind of paper has no reporters and offers no coverage? And for what? So some millionaires can keep strip-mining the coverage of news in our country. Like I said: Devastating,” said Congressman Pascrell. “Jonathan Salant is a bloodhound and did an outstanding job day in and day out. Journalists matter deeply to the health of our democracy. This state of affairs can’t continue.”

Congressman Pascrell has long fought against the hemorrhaging of local media in New Jersey. In 2021, he introduced new legislation would enforce WWOR-TV’s legal obligation to provide New Jerseyans with New Jersey-specific local news, and to give the Federal Communications Commission more tools to hold the station accountable should it continue to fail local residents. 

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