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Pascrell Reintroduction of Watershed Green New Deal

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today announced that he was reaffirming his commitment to combating the climate crisis by once again signing onto the reintroduction of the landmark Green New Deal legislation in the 118th Congress.

“As the extreme temperatures this week across Asia and Europe well attest, climate change is real, it is powerful, and its impacts are already here,” said Congressman Pascrell. “We seem to be breaking heat records every month. Our earth is warming at alarming rates as the last several years have been the hottest on record. Climate scientists are in universal agreement that the continued warming of our planet will inflict catastrophic devastation on all life. Military experts have warned it is a major national security threat.

“Despite the bad faith mockery of its critics, I applaud the aims of this legislation. This package is lofty in its aspirations but that all of its goals may not be achievable in a narrow window is no reason not to commit to its course. When John Kennedy implored America into space he reminded us to act not because it was easy but because it was hard. Last Congress, Congressional Democrats passed the most significant action ever taken on clean energy and climate change in our nation’s history to set forth a new era of innovation and ingenuity that will lower energy costs, drive the global clean energy economy forward, and support good paying union jobs. We know that we must do the absolute most to use the Green New Deal as a guidebook to implement the laws we have passed to reverse the impact of climate change. Anything less would be a crime against our children and the generations that will follow them. The Green New Deal demonstrates our absolute commitment to them.”

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