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Pascrell Supports Humanitarian Pauses and Release of Hostages

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) this evening released a statement in reaction to the latest events in the Middle East.

“Like millions of Americans and others around the world, I have watched the events of October 7 and after with horror. The scale of violence against innocent Israelis and Palestinians has been intolerable,” said Congressman Pascrell. “I support the continued efforts of the Biden administration to urge all possible precautions be taken by Israel to protect innocent civilians. I echo the administration’s calls to the United Nations Security Council for humanitarian pauses to get humanitarian assistance flow into Gaza and to the people who need food, water, fuel, and other essential resources, along with helping civilians get out of harm’s way.

“Secretary Blinken rightfully said, ‘Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people, and Palestinian civilians are not to blame for the carnage committed by Hamas. Palestinian civilians must be protected.’ God willing, we can secure the release of every hostage Hamas holds in their grasp, including Americans. I will continue to support my constituents who are demanding America uphold our values, respect human rights and international law, and provide life-saving assistance. I will continue to pray for peace, as a lasting peace is how we can end an already dreadful conflict.”

On October 7, Congressman Pascrell released astatementon Hamas’ attacks in Israel. On October 20, Congressman Pascrellencouragedthe President to secure the return of hostages held by Hamas, and urged more humanitarian aid to be delivered to Gaza, safe passage for Palestinians, and the prevention of further loss of innocent lives. On October, 25 Congressman Pascrell issued a statement on the tragic continuing violence in Israel and Palestine. On May 15, 2021 Congressman Pascrellcondemnedthe continuing firing of deadly rockets into Israel by Hamas and the growing regional violence. In astatementon May 10, 2021, Rep. Pascrell called for an end to hostilities.

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