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Labor & Trade

Bill has consistently been an advocate for the rights and priorities of working Americans. Throughout his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives, this son of a railroad worker has distinguished himself as a leading voice for labor in Congress.

As a member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, Bill uses his position to advocate for working families in New Jersey. The Committee is the chief tax-writing body in the House of Representatives and has jurisdiction over a number of issues critical to every American family including Social Security, Medicare, and all international trade agreements. Bill knows a stable economy is critical to the quality of life for all Americans and he has worked toward this principle as a member of the Ways and Means Committee. Chief among his concerns are misguided tax policies that have redirected wealth to the richest 1% of Americans. Bill believes in tax fairness and feels that the federal government must use its resources to invest in critical infrastructure improvements and lessening the financial burden imposed on middle class Americans.

Bill was a strong supporter of legislation to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour and give up to 27 million Americans a much deserved pay raise. Bill supports legislation to restore workers' rights by removing obstacles that prevent workers from choosing whether or not they want to form or join a union. In addition, Bill has been a tireless opponent of threats to federal labor standards, committed to ensuring that all workers can achieve economic prosperity in the safest conditions. Important to this approach are regulations backed by an unfettered Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) equipped with the tools to protect the right to organize.

Bill believes that the decline of American jobs is intimately tied to our nation's international trade policy. Representing a district whose economy is dependent on manufacturing, Bill is outspoken in his support of trade policies that recognize the need to export our quality American products instead of simply importing goods made abroad. He believes America must be very cautious in conducting our trade policy and has led efforts against granting congressional approval of most-favored nation trade status for China in 2000, and fast-track trade negotiating authority in 1998, 2002, and 2015. 

These trade agreements, along with others such as NAFTA and CAFTA, encourage environmental exploitation and a global race toward the bottom for labor standards in sweatshops overseas and here at home. If and when Congress considers a renegotiated NAFTA agreement from the Trump administration, Bill will examine its terms through this discerning lens. Any deal that lacks an assurance of enforcement of strong labor standards is a nonstarter to Rep. Pascrell because he believes unshakably that protecting America jobs is the first goal of any agreement. Taken together, Bill has worked to create a new paradigm for international trade agreements that provide real labor and environmental protections.

In tune with that approach, Pascrell has used his perch on the Ways and Means Committee to fight job outsourcing. He sponsors the Bring Jobs Home Act to provide tax credits to businesses relocating to within the United States and deny tax deductions to businesses that outsource from U.S. shores.

Bill knows that support for working families means more than just voting a certain way in Congress. It requires going the extra mile. Joining in solidarity with striking unions on dozens of occasions, Bill shows his support for working Americans in all aspects of his service.


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