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Pascrell Hails Severing Trade Contact for Russia’s Warmongering and Belarus’ Complicity

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today offered strong support of the House’s swift action to pass H.R. 7108, a bill to suspend permanent normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus. The bill also requires the U.S. Trade Representative to seek suspension of Russia’s participation in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to halt Belarus’ WTO accession as a member.

“Yesterday, the entire Congress watched in awe of President Zelenskyy’s courage and straightforwardness,” said Rep. Pascrell. “As the leader of the free world against tyranny, it is America’s national responsibility both to ensure Ukraine’s brave fighters have the resources needed to defend themselves and to squeeze Russia and it’s enablers. America should do no business with pitiless brutes that make war on their neighbors. I am proud to support this bill to cut off of trade with Russia and its accomplice Belarus as one more step to topple the Russian economy right onto Vladimir Putin. I urge the swift passage of this bill in the Senate and for it to be signed by the President because every economic tool in our arsenal of democracy must be brandished. We must not stop until Russia leaves Ukraine.”

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