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FY23 Funded Appropriations Projects

Project Name: Borough of Edgewater’s Sewer Pump Station No. 4 Rehabilitation Project

Request Amount: $1,000,000

Intended Recipient: Borough of Edgewater

Address: 55 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020

Explanation: The project would rehabilitate Pump Station No. 4 within the Borough by upgrading various items within the pump station. The upgrading includes the following new items: ceiling, roof, doors, windows, lighting, interior partition walls, pump controls, permanent onsite generator, and automatic transfer switch (ATS) on a new elevated platform supported on a new pile foundation, SCADA system, relocation of recently installed Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), heating and ventilation equipment, hoist system for pumps, grinder, replacement of certain piping and valves in the dry well, and handrails and grating in the wet well.


Project Name: Borough of Ridgefield Resurfacing Improvements Project

Request Amount: $500,000

Intended Recipient: The Borough of Ridgefield

Address: 604 Broad Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ 07657

Explanation: The project would resurface the following locations in the Borough: 1. Parking lot located at Shaler Boulevard and Banta Place, 2. Ray Avenue between Oak Street and Stewart Street, and 3. Hillcrest Avenue between Bergen Boulevard and Stewart Street.


Project Name: Borough of Rutherford’s Stormwater Management Project

Request Amount: $750,000

Intended Recipient: Borough of Rutherford’s

Address: 176 Park Avenue, Rutherford, NJ 07070

Explanation: The project would make improvements to the Borough’s storm water management capabilities. This project mitigates the risk of flooding for area residents through increasing the size of storm water inlets and outlets, expanding the Borough's ability to retain water during rain events, and better protect a historic underground stream.


Project Name: City of Garfield’s Lead Piping Removal and Replacement Project

Request Amount: $2,400,000

Intended Recipient: The City of Garfield

Address: 111 Outwater Lane, Garfield, NJ 07026

Explanation: The project would support the removal and replacement of known lead service lines in the City.


Project Name: City of Passaic Main Avenue Parking Deck Project

Request Amount: $4,000,000

Intended Recipient: The City of Passaic

Address: 330 Passaic Street, Passaic, NJ 07055

Explanation: The project would support the completion of the Main Avenue Parking Deck Project. This project will seek to advance the City’s ongoing redevelopment efforts through the construction of a parking deck located at the corner of State and Passaic Street. The completion of this is a part of the Main Avenue Redevelopment Plan, adopted by the City Council in 2021 in partnership with the NJ Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), Passaic Housing Authority, and Passaic County.


Project Name: County Road Milling and Repaving Project

Request Amount: $1,750,000

Intended Recipient: Hudson County, NJ

Address: 583 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Explanation: The project would involve milling and repaving, as well as, where needed, upgrading existing guide rails, end treatments, and rub rails on County Avenue (CR 653). In addition, the scope of work will include replacing catch basins and lateral pipes to assure proper drainage.


Project Name: Great Falls Gateway Phase II Project

Request Amount: $1,215,000

Intended Recipient: County of Passaic

Address: 401 Grand Street, Paterson, NJ 07505

Explanation: The project would support new streetscape elements such as new sidewalks, street lighting, bicycle facilities, and other street features to help continue the efforts underway for design and construct of the first portion of the Gateway along Spruce Street in the City of Paterson. This also includes constructing a new traffic signal at the intersection of Spruce Street and Oliver Street as well as other safety and placemaking measures outlined in the Great Falls Circulation Study (2016), which was funded through a federal grant from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.


Project Name: Hackensack Meridian Health

Request Amount: $1,000,000.00

Intended Recipient: Hackensack Meridian Health

Address: 343 Thornall St, Edison, NJ 08837

Explanation: The project would expand Hackensack Meridian Health’s (HMH) state-of-the-art Biosafety Level-3 (BSL-3) facilities to meet the growing research needs at HMH, regional research institutions, and industrial partners such as Merck, Pfizer, Regeneron, and Quest. Currently there is only one other BSL-3 facility in New Jersey. To put this in context, New York State has twice the population of New Jersey but has 8 times the number of BSL-3 labs.


Project Name: Johnny Briggs Baseball Field at Westside Park Project

Request Amount: $1,000,000

Intended Recipient: The City of Paterson

Address: 155 Market Street, Paterson, NJ 07505

Explanation: The project would rehabilitate the Johnny Briggs Baseball Field at Westside Park. This will include field resurfacing with new turf, lighting, and fencing. Currently, the field is in very poor condition and needs significant improvements to serve as a functional, safe, and welcoming recreational facility for our children.


Project Name: Reimagining Justice Inc.

Request Amount: $1,000,000

Intended Recipient: Reimagining Justice Inc.

Address: 100 Hamilton Plaza Suite 415 Paterson, NJ 07505

Explanation: This project would support Passaic County’s first hospital-based violence intervention program (HVIP) in collaboration with St. Joseph’s University Medical Hospital to fund staff that would provide case management, crisis intervention, mentoring, street outreach, restorative justice mediations, administration of operations, and mental health services. The Paterson Healing Collective’s Healing Spaces and Mentoring program was launched in collaboration with the Circle of Care, Everytown for Gun Safety and Paterson Public Schools.


Project Name: River Road Soil Stabilization Project

Request Amount: $250,000

Intended Recipient: County of Bergen

Address: 71 Hudson St, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Explanation: The River Road Soil Stabilization Project includes subsurface soil stabilization to resolve the continuous sinking of River Road in Edgewater between Gorge Road and the Hudson County line. This section of River Road is one of the main arteries for north-south traffic between Bergen County and Hudson County.


Project Name: Secaucus Senior Center Construction Project

Request Amount: $950,000

Intended Recipient: The Town of Secaucus

Address: 1203 Paterson Plank Road, Secaucus, NJ 07094

Explanation: The project would assist the Town in constructing a new senior center to replace the previously demolished center, and it will better serve senior residents. The newly renovated center will provide many recreational and educational options for seniors, making it a pivotal social hub for residents to enjoy and use for future events and meetings. The opportunity to rebuild the center will result in the safest indoor environment for our most vulnerable population, which will help protect against COVID. Lastly, the new facility means improved Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, which will ensure accessibility and safety.


Project Name: Seton Hall University’s Interprofessional Health Sciences

Request Amount: $1,140,000

Intended Recipient: Seton Hall University

Address: 400 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, New Jersey 07079

Explanation: The project would support new equipment and upgrades to Seton Hall University’s Interprofessional Health Sciences’ Simulation Center. These funds would be used to ensure clinical readiness, workforce preparation, and improved utilization of the facility.


Project Name: South Hackensack Public Safety Communications Project

Request Amount: $209,529.20

Intended Recipient: Township of South Hackensack

Address: 227 Philips Avenue, South Hackensack, NJ 07606

Explanation: The project would fund the implementation of an entirely new public safety communications system within the South Hackensack Police Department (SHPD). With this funding, the SHPD will purchase and implement a new radio system and dispatch console with the most up-to-date technology for faster and more efficient operations.


Project Name: The Alexander Hamilton Visitor Center at the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park Project

Request Amount: $4,000,000

Intended Recipient: Hamilton Partnership for Paterson

Address: 72 McBride Ave., Paterson, NJ 07501

Explanation: The project would connect residents and visitors to the central themes of the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park: economic independence, innovation, immigration, labor, arts and culture, trade, science, sustainability, and even baseball. The Center will introduce visitors to the city and serve as a starting point for spending more time and money in Paterson. It will connect visitors to other historic sites in the surrounding area.

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