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Pascrell Celebrates Tridonex Union Vote

Workers prevailed in the face of relentless violence and harassment

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr, (NJ-09), the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight, today celebrated the successful Tridonex union election held in Mexico over the weekend.

“The dominos are falling against the corrupt ways of the past. I congratulate the workers at the Tridonex automotive facility who faced great adversity in advance of this vote and found the courage to protect their rights. Tridonex must immediately recognize the validity of the new union representation and enter contract negotiations in good faith,” said Rep. Pascrell.

“Today’s overwhelming outcome is a vindication of our efforts to protect workers’ rights as this victory will have ripple effects that are felt across the hemisphere. Empowering independent unions in Mexico is vital to breaking the backroom collusion embraced by corporations offshoring American jobs and workers both in Mexico and the United States will benefit.

“I want to praise the tenacity of Susana Prieto Terrazas for her tireless commitment to breaking up a crooked protection union. I also wish to applaud the AFL-CIO, SEIU, SNITIS and Public Citizen for filing the first rapid response case against Tridonex and the Biden Administration led by Ambassador Tai and Secretary Walsh for swiftly accepting it. Without their steadfast leadership the results we are seeing today would not have been possible. I look forward to continuing our collaboration to crush labor violations. Our quest for worker justice carries on.”

Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. was the first Member of Congress to raise the plight these workers were facing and Susana Prieto Terrazas case, which got former Ambassador Lighthizer to say it was a “bad indicator”. In June 2020, Pascrell led 59 colleagues in demanding the release of Susana Prieto Terrazas. Pascrell praised the filing of the first rapid response labor case to combat workers at Tridonex being denied union representation in May 2021. Pascrell applauded the Biden Administration for formally and swiftly accepting the case. Pascrell secured Ambassador Tai’s commitment to raising the labor case with Mexico in May 2021. Pascrell reacted to the settlement of the rapid response case in August 2021. Pascrell’s statement in advance of the recent vote can be found here.

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